When Faced with Divorce, You Need a Houma Divorce Attorney that Fights Back


Deciding to separate from a spouse will be one of the most challenging events in your life. It is crucial to seek legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney early in the process to make sure that everything is done correctly and that the right decisions are made. Things to be considered include what happens to the kids, who pays for what, what will happen to your stuff, where will everyone live, how will things be paid for, and dozens of other issues that must be addressed. Our job is to make sure nothing gets left out, nothing gets overlooked, and everything is taken care of. In the end, your life must go on. The best years are still to come.

When you’re not sure…

If you are wondering whether you should or not, it’s time to talk. Advice about your rights and the true reason for your doubts can help you make the right decision prior to changing your life forever.

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My divorce is simple. Why do I need a lawyer?


Divorce is one of the most complex and emotional legal processes in family law. Not all couples require in-depth court assistance. If you are both in agreement on the outcomes for child custody, visitation, child support, property division, and alimony, and are sure neither will change their mind in the final proceedings, then you may not need a lawyer. Keep in mind though, that even the most agreeable couples can hit roadblocks that will require mediation to resolve. This is when you need to hire a Houma divorce lawyer.

If you think you entered into a bad deal or agreed to something you didn’t understand, your only recourse will be to go back to court to try and change your final order. But undoing a divorce agreement is difficult and generally only allowed under very limited circumstances. An hour of advice early on can save many hours and many dollars later on.

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With decades specializing in all areas of family law and divorce, we help protect your interests and getting the final result you deserve.

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The decision to divorce from a spouse is life-changing. We can help with the tough decisions that lie ahead.


When faced with divorce, the most important thing is protecting what’s closest to you–your kids. When things change, we will be right there to make sure they are taken care of.


Whether you were injured in an auto accident, on the job, or otherwise, We can help make sure you are made whole again.


When analyzing the case, we will use our extensive experience to put a number on your pain and suffering and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.