The distinctions between community and separate property are not as cut and dry as they may seem. Figuring out where everything fits is where competent representation and years of experience come in to play.

“If you are unable to come to an agreement about division of assets and debts, the courts will be forced to step in to make the decision. The court may choose to approach the distribution of assets from a physical division perspective or from one where they award a percentage of the total value of the property to each party,” according to “Ultimately, when this happens (and depending upon your state laws), the courts will divide the property based upon the principles of community property or equitable distribution.”

“In the end, division of marital property can be a high tension, anxiety ridden, and emotional experience,” the website continues. “Finding a way to settle the division of property out of court is certainly the preferred route, but when you hit a snag, having qualified family attorney in your corner can increase the chances of ensuring that the property is divided correctly.”

The separation of finances and property is complicated and can be discouraging. Only skilled and knowledgeable lawyers, like those at Ellender Law Firm, can get you the most out of your settlement.