With the responsibility of providing your children comes certain rights.

“In shared parenting, the parents ‘share’ the parental rights and responsibilities according to a shared parenting plan. One or both parties will submit a proposed plan to the court detailing how the responsibilities are to be shared. The division of the children’s time between the parents need not be equal,” says ohiobar.org, “The court reviews the plan to determine if it is in the children’s best interests. The court may then adopt the plan, ask the parties to amend it and adopt it as amended, or reject the plan. The parents may revise the plan to address the court’s objections, or the court may reject shared parenting completely and name one parent the sole residential parent and legal custodian.”

The state wants to promote a two parent relationship.

“The current term for the time parents spend with their children is parenting time (not visitation), whether there is shared parenting or legal custody to one residential parent,” ohiobar.org explains. “Procedures for dividing parental rights and responsibilities now emphasize the rights of the child to be loved and supported, while maintaining relationships with both parents, despite difficulties the parents may have with each other.”

JCIP Statute

In the best interest of the children to have equal time spent with each parent. 

According to ohiobar, “All parents have certain rights and responsibilities regarding the care of their children. When parents divorce or separate, these rights and responsibilities are even more important. The court’s role is to ensure that the “best interests” of the children are protected. Therefore, the parental rights and responsibilities are expressly “allocated” to the parents.”