Why You Need a Lawyer

Divorcemag.com lists five reasons to hire a divorce lawyer:

  1. You are unfamiliar with matrimonial law and/or family court.
  2. You need objective advice at this emotional time.
  3. A divorce lawyer can suggest options you didn’t even know existed.
  4. One word: paperwork.
  5. A divorce lawyer can help you focus on the “Big Picture.”

When to hire a lawyer.

If you are wondering whether you should or not, it’s time to talk. Counseling about your rights and the true reason for your doubts can help you make the right decision prior to changing your life forever.


Going through the process of filing and finalizing a divorce can be extremely emotional.

“You’ll need to make a lot of decisions that will affect the rest of your life – at a time when emotions may overwhelm your ability to think clearly. So although not everyone needs a divorce lawyer, obtaining a good one is often in your best interests – especially if your divorce is complicated, contested, involves children, you have significant assets, or if your soon-to-be ex-spouse has hired a divorce lawyer,” Diana Shepherd of divorcemag.com says.


Along with emotional, divorce can be a financial strain as well.

According to financialengines.com , “Separating incomes, assets, and obligations has lifelong impacts and can be complex. To minimize the economic effects, you need to engage in well-informed planning, take control of your own situation, and work proactively with professional legal and financial advisors.”


Divorce also puts a toll on family members involved, especially children.

“Vulnerability to both physical and mental illnesses can originate in the traumatic loss of one or both parents through divorce,” says aacap.org. “With care and attention, however, a family’s strengths can be mobilized during a divorce, and children can be helped to deal constructively with the resolution of parental conflict.”

Unfortunately, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Luckily, Ellender Law Firm has experienced, knowledgeable, and capable individuals who can assist you through this process, so you don’t endure an emotional, financial, and familial tool.