What is Contempt of Court?

According Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary contempt of court is “Behavior in or out of court that violates a court order, or otherwise disrupts or shows disregard for the court. Refusing to answer a proper question, to file court papers on time, to pay court-ordered child support, or to follow local court rules can expose witnesses, lawyers, and litigants to contempt findings. Contempt of court is punishable by fine or imprisonment.”

This happens by disobeying the judge’s rulings. Your understanding of do’s and don’ts is easily blurred by your passion and emotions. This anxiety can lead to hasty decisions that can permanently affect your rights. Knowledgeable and professional lawyers are able to erase the anxiety of their clients.

Legal guidance is essential for success through this process. The Ellender Law Firm has a reassuring, knowledgeable, and professional staff that can keep you calm and avoid Contempt of Court.